Norient co-curate the DISKURS @ CTM Festival 2016

The Discourse Programme

Within the DISKURS programme of the CTM Festival, Norient was kindly invited to curate half of the discourse programme out of their worldwide network and invites to experience the key questions of «Seismographic Sounds» project from different perspectives. In different formats such as video clip sessions, panel debates and a music films, international guests discuss about ethical boarders in working with local sounds, Postcolonialism and new strategies of researching music today. Norient understands the curated discourse programme as the live-element as part of the exhibition and book „Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World“ and links it to the motto of CTM festival 2016 „New Geographies“.




With contributions from: Adam Harper, Alya Sebti, Anna Raimondo, Alessandro Bosetti, Bernard Clarke, C-Drik, Candé Sanchez Olmos, Chris Saunders, Christopher Kirkley, Deena Abdelwahed, Fis & Rob Thorne, Florian Sievers, Fokn Bois, Jenny Fatou Mbaye, Johannes Ismaiel Wendt, Julia Gerlach, Lucia Udvardyova, Marcus Gammel, Meira Asher, Nkisi, Paul Marmota, Sarah Abunama-Elgadi, Sebastian Klotz, Theresa Beyer, Theo Eshetu, Thomas Burkhalter, Wendy Hsu, Younes Baba-Ali & others