female:pressure presents
The second edition of the

25. September 2015
@ ://about blank/ Berlin


Aschka (CA), Borusiade (RO), Clara Moto (AT), Donna Maya (DE), Dorit Chrysler (US), female:pressure visualpulse, hiT͟Hәrˈto͞o (CZ) + aiKia (IT), Kaltès (BE), Kate Miller (AU), Magda El Bayoumi (DE), Monya (DE), Perera Elsewhere (UK), Reka (ES), Special Guest TBA

The one-day event is a follow-up to the first successful Perspectives Festival that took place in 2013 with the objective of raising awareness on gender issues and increasing the visibility of female artists in the electronic music scene. female:pressure, an international network and database of 1,520 women musicians, artists and academics in 66 countries, is the inspiration behind the festival series.

Organized by female:pressure Perspectives e.V., an association representing the members of the network, Perspectives 2015 provides another opportunity to examine the challenges faced by women in a male-dominated scene. The event will kick off with a talk panel led by Bianca Ludewig which will explore how various networks focused on gender issues can join forces in order to gather greater momentum, organize bigger events and further the cause of promoting equality. Musical showcases will start later in the evening and continue through the night, featuring an outstanding line-up of women DJs, VJs and live performers including Dorit Chrysler and Perera Elsewhere.

“Perspectives 2015 is another step in establishing structures that support women artists and promote gender and social diversity in electronic music,” says Maya Consuelo Sternel, a member of the festival’s organizing team. “Our intention is to provide a platform for female artists to increase their visibility and generate publicity not only through live events but also online via the website and on blogs and social media. This will build the many female:pressure events that have already taken place in Berlin clubs such as ://about blank, Tresor, Humboldthain, Fiese Remise, and at clubs in other cities such as Baalsaal Hamburg, Statt Theater Bremen, Nitsa Barcelona and various European locations.”

Since these events and the 2013 festival, positive media feedback, a growing interest the network and an increasing number of booking requests have demonstrated that the electronic music and club scene has a strong potential for diversity. Nevertheless, it still suffers from a serious imbalance in the representation of women, with the female presence averaging roughly ten percent according to the network’s ongoing tracking of local and international events.

The goal behind the Perspectives Festival is to point out this discrepancy and support artists in creating a ‘new normal’ in which equal representation is no longer the exception, but rather the rule.

female:pressure ✭✭✭✭✭

Perspectives Festival is friendly supported by Musicboard Berlin.



Aschka (Ibadan/Canada) ­ Live
Borusiade (Cómeme/Ro) ­ Dj
Donna Maya (Upstart Music/DE) ­ Live
Dorit Chrysler (inmyroom/US) ­ Live
Clara Moto (Infine/AT) ­ Dj
hiT͟Hәrˈto͞o (f:p, StratoFyzika/CZ) + aiKia (IT)
Kaltès (female:pressure/BE) ­ Dj
Kate Miller (Figure Third/AU) ­ Dj
Magda El Bayoumi (Tresor/DE) ­ Dj
Monya (Corresponding Positions/DE) ­ Live
Perera Elsewhere (FoF music/UK) ­ Dj
Reka (Tresor/ES) ­ Dj